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"Our old oak tree in the yard began to rot in places and appeared to have an insect infestation. I quickly called New Orleans Tree Care & Removal Service. The workers were incredible professional throughout. Thankfully, they were able to complete tree care for my oak tree instead of tree removal. Definitely recommend them!"
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Tree Service New Orleans - What Makes Us Different

Extensive Tree Services

Expert tree cutting service
Efficient tree trimming

Master Techniques

Highly-trained tree arborists
Modern, well-maintained equipment
Continuous safety courses completed

Locally Owned & Operated

Personal attention and dedication
Satisfaction 100% GUARANTEED!
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New Orleans Tree Care & Removal Service - Our Employees Are the Best in the Business!

You want a tree service in New Orleans, but searching for a 'tree company near me' can kick back dozens of results, if not more! It's a quick way to get frustrated and overwhelmed with the whole process. You don't have to when you choose our passionate tree care professionals from New Orleans Tree Care & Removal Service.

Our top priority is taking care of our customers. Our tree removal company does so through communication about every aspect of the project. There are never any pressure tactics implemented to get you to do something you're not comfortable with. It's our job to give you choices and allow you time to make your decision.

If you'd rather protect your trees, we have options for tree care in New Orleans. Our crew will do a fantastic job to preserve the natural beauty of the great state of Louisiana, and if you want to join up with us to make it happen, we're anxious to hear from you.

We offer same-day services for emergency tree removal and more. Get your tree removal estimate in New Orleans by calling us now! We're here to serve you.

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All-Inclusive Tree Services in New Orleans

We are one of the few tree removal companies in New Orleans that does everything. We don't limit our abilities, and if it involves trees, we will formulate an efficient plan to assist you. Learn more about what we can do to help you beautify your landscape, and then give us a call for a free estimate.

Efficient Tree Removal

Have you decided that you need tree removal in New Orleans for the eyesores you face each morning? Let us come and evaluate what's  going on. We will let you know what the best course of action is for improving the view!

Advanced Tree Care

Tree care in New Orleans is a sensitive and complex category. These living elements require patience, maintenance, and attention if there are issues you're hoping to resolve to improve the health of your trees. We have methods that work.

Complete Land Clearing

Do you have your blueprints ready to build a new property? We want to see them and get your land clearing in New Orleans done on time. We have the equipment needed to remove all the vegetation, large rocks, and anything else that's in the way.
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Understand How Our Tree Service in New Orleans Operates

To make things go as smoothly as possible, review what our local tree service in New Orleans provides every residential and commercial customer.

Step 1


The first step in getting a tree service in New Orleans from our crew is calling for an estimate. We'll send someone to your location at convenient time. We want you to be able to walk along with our tree expert and ask all the questions you have about the possibilities  for your property. The best part is, it's FREE!
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Step 2


Before we recommend a tree removal in New Orleans, we carefully assess the tree's condition. We would much rather do tree care on one that can be saved than rip it out prematurely. With the education we possess, we know what to look for and what formulas to use to get your trees back to health.
Step 3


The last thing that has to be done before we schedule your desired tree service is to provide you with a detailed estimate of your choices. Every project is different, so yours is set up specifically for what you want to be done. Take your time to go over it, and get quotes from another tree service company. Then, when you decide we're your best option, give us a call to get the job done. Rest assured our licensed arborists follow industry best practices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about your upcoming tree service in New Orleans? You're not alone. We hear all kinds of concerns from our clients, and here are some of the most frequent ones with answers provided by our best tree care specialists.

 What does a tree service in New Orleans cost?

The national average for tree services in the United States can't directly be provided. The range varies between hundreds and thousands, depending on what kind of tree removal, tree care, or other projects performed. The only way to know what your professional tree service in New Orleans will cost is by calling to get an estimate.

Does homeowners insurance cover tree removal?

More often than not, your homeowner's insurance will cover tree removal services along with paying for any damages that occurred because of the tree. Tree removal is only paid for by your insurance provider if it falls or, in some instances, has the potential to fall, though, not just because you don't like the way it looks.

How can I save money on tree removal?

The safety precautions and impeccable results provided by a professional tree service in New Orleans are something you can't put a price tag on. However, if you're really looking for ways to save cash, there are actions you can do to lower the price of your tree removal, like leaving the stump, debris, and wood behind to take care of yourself.

Home & Business Tree Services for New Orleans

We don't strictly stick to residential tree removal services in New Orleans. Even though commercial tree removal is more complicated, it doesn't stop us. Wherever your tree quandary is occurring, we will get in and take care of it.

Precision Tree Cutting in New Orleans

Regardless of the tree's size, tree cutting in New Orleans is a task that skilled professionals should always perform. Even if you think you know what to do, there are risks associated with operating the machinery and falling tree parts. Is that a chance you're willing to take? We are guessing not.

Instead of putting yourself in danger and spending a fortune on the tools needed to do efficient tree cutting, let us take care of it. It's painless, and it's not as expensive as what you think. Get a FREE quote by calling our customer care team now.
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chainsaw cutting tree service in New Orleans
overgrown tree roots ready for tree service in New Orleans before removal

Tree Root Removal - We're Ready for the Challenge of Your Tree Service in New Orleans

Tree root removal in New Orleans is a complicated project for even the most seasoned tree removal companies. Some of them in the local area will even tell you that they won't even attempt it. After your tree is cut down, if there are exposed roots, we will clear them out without disturbing your property any more than it already has been.

Our goal is to leave you satisfied with every tree service in New Orleans you invest in. If something doesn't suit your expectations, please tell us. It's part of our 100% satisfaction GUARANTEE to make sure you're delighted with the results.
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Improve the Look of Your Landscape with Limb & Branch Removal in New Orleans

After heavy winds and other harsh weather conditions, you may see limbs and branches lying all over your property. Perhaps you're looking at a tree that has limbs and branches that are getting dangerously close to your house, and you know that in either case, you need a licensed tree service in New Orleans to help you get it done fast.

Our highly-trained and attentive tree care experts show up quickly when you call for same-day service after the storm passes. Tree branch removal in New Orleans is simple, straightforward, and reasonably priced, so contact us today to learn more.
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cutting limbs and branches during tree service in New Orleans
removing a tree stump with equipment in New Orleans

Have You Considered This Tree Service in New Orleans? Stump Removal Saves Stress & Frees Up Space

You've finally taken the initiative and had the tree removal done at your property, so don't lose steam before the stump removal in New Orleans is complete. If you hesitate, it will never get done, and you'll only be left feeling unsatisfied. Stumps are ugly, dangerous, and nothing but a headache. We will get rid of it so you can forget it. Besides stump removal, we also have a more economical stump grinding option. We don't take the stump out but grind it below the surface where it won't be a problem.

With an on-site consultation, we can help you understand the difference, including what's ideal for your situation. Reach out today!


Shrub Removal in New Orleans Can Transform Your  Home's Exterior Appearance

Did you have a plan for your residence when you moved in, but now you want shrub removal in New Orleans to change it up? Sometimes we get tired of the shrubs we loved a few years ago. Other times, they don't flourish the way you expected. Then some are so healthy they take up way more space than you thought. Our crew will know what steps to take to help improve the curb appeal at your place.

Our shrub removal team not only takes out your shrubs, but we can also do shrub trimming or even transplant the plants to somewhere that's more fitting. Whatever the case may be, we will never leave you with just one alternative. Let's find out what the possibilities are with your phone call now.
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tree trimmers working at commercial site in New Orleans

Efficient and Cost-Effective Commercial Tree Service for New Orleans Businesses

Your business is only going to succeed if people are attracted to the outside presentation. Commercial tree service in New Orleans is one of the primary contributing factors to making the most out of your property. You don't want the hassle, and we get that. That's why our crew shows up on time and gets in and out of your way quickly.

Whether it's clearing away limbs and branches after a significant storm or doing a tree removal to give you more room to work with, we do everything around your schedule. Start with a quick quote, and let us show you what we're capable of.


Find Us in Nearby New Orleans Service Areas

The Big Easy is where we rest our heads at night, but our New Orleans service areas extend far beyond the city limits. We have tree care experts prepared to pack up our trucks and bring the heavy-duty equipment to your surrounding region.

Find your town or city from within Louisiana listed below, then contact our company for your FREE no-obligation quote for your tree care needs!

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Your Local Tree Service Experts Are Waiting To Assist You With All Your Tree Removal Needs

New Orleans Tree Care & Removal Service is the most popular option for improving the view without paying a fortune. Our arborists are prepared to tackle your tree cutting services today! Call us at (504) 608-7900
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