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Our old oak tree in the yard began to rot in places and appeared to have an insect infestation. I quickly called New Orleans Tree Care & Removal Service. The workers were incredible professional throughout. Thankfully, they were able to complete tree care for my oak tree instead of tree removal. Definitely recommend them!

Byron E.

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★ ★ ★ ★ ★
I am SO pleased with Tim Benton and his crew. We had a 200yo Red Cedar that our home was built very close to. Its branches had been falling in recent storms and Tim advised that it was ready to be removed. He came within a few days of the consultation. The crew was courteous, clean and professional. Safety of the team and of my home was obvious as they took this task on. Complex roping of the large branches that were poised over our roof. They took precautions prevent damage to the lawn but because we were keeping large sections of the trunk, there was minimal damage. The crew filled the crevasses with new top soil and the mound of cedar chips from the stump was left clean and piled nicely to allow for the root to decompose into the earth. Tim even connected me with a milling house so that we could honour this tree and use it's wood for a building project. Highly recommend this company and Tim.
Brenda Atkins Avatar
Brenda Atkins
Worked with Tim and he did an amazing job with cleaning and pruning a huge palm tree in my backyard. Appreciate such good service and great communication. Highly recommended.
Christy Caballero Avatar
Christy Caballero
Called Benton Tree Service on Monday to ask that a large downed Oak limb resulting from Hurricane Ida be removed. Team showed up Tuesday AM and removed the limb quickly, free of charge!
Kaylyn Burmaster Avatar
Kaylyn Burmaster
Stosh responded immediately to my online inquiry about getting an older water oak pruned and then came out the next day to give us a quote. The quote was reasonable and he was very thorough in explaining the process. On the day the tree to was to be pruned, Josh and his crew arrived on time and worked quickly. Later, as they went to leave, I realized they had not removed the largest limb in the quote. All companies are going to have an occasional mistake or misunderstanding. For me, in these instances, it is the recovery that matters, and Benton Tree Service excelled in this regard. Josh and Stosh went above and beyond to make the situation right to my satisfaction. I would highly recommend Benton Tree Service based on their price and responsiveness. Additionally, while I cannot personally speak to the quality of their work other than to say our tree looks much better, another arborist (who no longer does tree work) checked our tree and confirmed the quality of their work. Thanks to Benton, we've added some years to the life of our tree!
Flora P. Williams Avatar
Flora P. Williams
The Benton team that arrived to trim a large oak and magnolia uptown were professional, courteous, and considerate of concern to protect garden objects while performing the work. Seemed very safety conscious, the price was fair -- great job.
Marie R Avatar
Marie R
Benton Tree Service does quality work at a reasonable price. The staff was professional and on time. They took on the difficult task of removing a huge amount of vines that was overtaking a large oak tree. Other companies said that it couldn’t be done but Benton Tree Service proved them wrong!
Donise Smith Avatar
Donise Smith
I have used Benton's service several times. The first was after hurricane Ida. Our 75ft tree was leaning over our home and Benton came out the day after the hurricane to assess, then a few days later was able to fit us into their schedule to have it removed before it fell. I then used their services when my workplace needed several trees trimmed. They were responsive, came on time and did fantastic jobs. I am always so impressed by their knowledge and professionalism. They truly stand apart from other tree services.
Emily Harper Avatar
Emily Harper
I recently had to have 2 very large trees that were damaged by hurricane Ida removed from my backyard. This was a very difficult job site because of its limited access. The crew did a fantastic job safely removing the trees while protecting the surrounding landscaping. Benton Tree Service gets my highest recommendation.
Jay DeSalvo Avatar
Jay DeSalvo
I called New Orleans Tree Care and Removal Service for tree removal and they did an AMAZING job! I thought they would charge me an arm and a leg, but their price was very reasonable. Our yard looks nice and clean now that all the branches are gone.
Sasha Meshkat Avatar
Sasha Meshkat
What a relief! These guys took down a massive tree in my yard that was on the verge of collapse. They were also able to trim a bunch of trees that would have been problematic as well. They were extremely professional and did not leave my property a mess. Would absolutely recommend them.
John Harris Avatar
John Harris
What a relief! These guys took down a massive tree in my yard that was on the verge of collapse. They were also able to trim a bunch of trees that would have been problematic as well. They were extremely professional and did not leave my property a mess. Would absolutely recommend them.

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